Getting Married in The Philippines – Your Step by Step Guide!

In this blog I will explain in detail all the steps you will need to get married here in the Philippines.  I do want to mention that what might be necessary or true in one city in the Philippines could possibly vary depending on the requirements for that city.  But this guide should give you the tools needed to get through this process fairly easy.

Gathering Documents Before Your trip to the Philippines (for the foreigner)

There are certain documents that you can prepare ahead of time that you will need for your marriage license in the Philippines.  It is important to note that these must be originals and notarized otherwise you could run into some issues. 

    1. All the divorce decrees from your home country.

    1. Birth certificate

    1. Passport with latest arrival date to the Philippines

Paperwork your Filipina partner can be gathering before your arrival as well. 

    1. A copy of her identification

    1. Copy of her annulment if she has had one.

    1. Birth certificate

Now that you both have gathered your documents ahead of your trip to the Philippines you can gather the remaining documents together.  You should give yourself at least two to four weeks for getting all your documents together and getting married.  I have met foreigners who have flown here and were supposed to be married within a two week trip but they had to extend their trip to be able to get all the documents and appointments necessary to marry.  Make sure you allow yourself enough time. 

 Steps that you may do together are:

  1.  Get your CENOMAR together by going to the website PSA and ordering it. (give yourself a week for it to arrive at a local Philippines address). You can order it HERE                           The cost of the CENOMAR each was 425 pesos at the time of this article.  You can pay online.  Both parties need the Cenomar including the foreigner. 
  2. Next you both will want to visit your Filipinas local barangay for certification which basically will say that you have been living in this barangay or temporarily staying in this barangay.  They usually can give you this certificate within one to three days.  
  3. Next you can go to the City Local Civil Registrar/Government offices in your city and sign up for your PMO (pre-marriage orientation) class which is usually a weekly held class lasting around four hours long.   
  4. Lastly  you will need an

     “Affidavit in Lieu of a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Marry” this applies to US citizens.  Any attorney office can provide this and make sure you have a few notarized copies.  Any attorney that does notaries can provide this.

  5. Time to pick up your marriage license!

    Before you head back to the City local civil registrar/government offices, make sure you have copies of everything about four or five should be sufficient.  Now you are able to pick up your license within one to three days.  With your license in hand you will typically have 90 to 120 days to get married.   At this point you have to go to the mayors office to arrange an officiant to marry you or contact the church that you will marry at.  Good luck!

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